What I Like Most

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What I Like Most In The World is a transmedia project by Tula Books. The project includes a Music CD, a printed book, prints, a tote bag and an app developed by Ubicuo Studio.

Read, learn, play and share “What I like most in the world” with Paul, MeiChi, Sarabi, Killari, Maui and Nanuq. For children 0-6 years old to enjoy the difference and discover how much we ALL have in common.

Read the book

A book for kids which can be read in an interactive way. Children will learn what kids of the world like the most and be aware of diversity and tolerance.


Learn about different cultures through this interactive game with real voices. You’ll discover secrets of meals, trees, animals, games, music instruments and houses from around the world.

Paint & Share

Paint what you like the most in the world and share it with children of all over the world!

Play with Nanuq

Play with Nanuq, the arctic boy. Help him build the houses of kids of different continents.


Explore the sky and build constellations

Test your memory!

Test your memory with this game

App screenshots