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A new revolutionary way of listening to music

La Pegatina & Ubicuo Studio join forces to create a videogame which means a revolution in the way we listen to music. ‘La Pegatina, The Game’ is a videogame for iPhone and Android which lets the user to follow the adventures of their favorite music band on their smartphones. 


Choose characters

The user will be able to choose amongst all the band members and other legendary characters related with La Pegatina.

Accomplish missions

Users must accomplish missions to level up!

Share results

Users can share their results and screenshots on social networks

Several scenarios

There are 4 scenarios, one for every album La Pegatina has launched

Buy items!

Spend the Eurekas! earnt at the items shop and play better!

Listen to music

Listen to the band songs while playing!

The Videogame (free) has been thought as a big gift to La Pegatina followers. In thanks for 10 years of support. Thanks to his followers, La Pegatina is one of the spanish bands with biggest international projection in 2013.