Cyberspace Tanks 3D

Cyberspace Tanks 3D is a tank arena shooting game set in a low poly, flat designed, digitalized universe. Fight in real-time 3D battles against randomized challenging AI controlled Tanks and Hover-Tanks.

Why is Cyberspace Tanks 3D special?

* Works completely offline, so no queues and no lag issues, just fire it up and play!
* Small download and no extra files needed.
* More than 20 vehicles to unlock, including Tanks and Hover-Tanks, each one with their own stats (armor, speed, damage, reload time…).
* Various popular game modes to play.
* Activate modifiers on your tanks to shoot powerful lasers or be indestructible for a few seconds.
* Cloud storage is available, you just need to register once and the game will sync your progress to recover it in case you change your phone or tablet.

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