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Thanks for downloading ‘The Afronauts’ by Cristina De Middel

We hope you enjoy it and if you want to give us some feedback, feel free to do it through the contact page.

If you feel lost on the first screen… just explore it and you’ll find how to keep on with the book. A tip:

  • Find de Ursa Major constellation (bottom-right) and tap on it to keep on reading the book
The Afronauts

If you’re having any difficulties with the App, just contact us and we’ll try to help you. Usually any technical difficulty can be solved if you take a look at these steps.

If you are having difficulty with the App, please try the following first:

  • Redownload the App – If you have problems using the App when you first download it, try re-downloading it in case something went wrong in the download. Make sure to allow time for the App to download completely.
  • Make sure you have the latest iOS software on your device. You can download the latest software at this link —
  • Make sure you have the latest update of our App. You can check if an update is available by using the Update icon on your device.

If you still have a problem or questions, you can contact us through our contact page.